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Health 4 July, 2017


The new season of love is in the pre-reserve a lot of surprises. During the issue of speed-dating on Monday, 3 July, one of the farmers has caused the hilarity of viewers. A real buzz, without a doubt, in spite of himself…

It is called Roland and he was 60 years ago. The dean of this new season of love is in the meadow has already created a buzz on the social networks. The farmer, stockbreeder of suckler cows in the Auvergne, looking for a sweet woman, sporty but also a little naughty. In fact, at the third premium of speed-dating, Roland was quick to issue some ideas of occupations with his future partner : ” A little sport, activity, sentimental and zigounette “, he launched before continuing : ” If you use it not a little, after it no longer works, the better you use it, the less it wears. Good not all the days, Sunday is the day of rest, we will not. “A sequence that has obviously surprised the viewers.

Even Karine Le Marchand has not hesitated to emphasize the naturalness of Roland somewhat disconcerting : ” The zigounette Roland… what fun, it is fantastic “, she wrote on her Twitter account. And the facilitator is not the only one to have commented on his directness : ” love is in the meadow, this show fascinating where a 60-year old man talks about zigounette in a speed-dating “, one can read. ” Usually we see them prepare their home, I hope that we will not see Roland prepare its zigounette “added another user. With his colorful personality, Roland should still surprise viewers. Michelle and Christiane, his two mistresses, are clearly not at the end of their surprises.

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The zigounette Roland…what fun, It is fantastic! #ADP2017

— Karine Le Marchand (@KarineLMOff) July 3, 2017

– Hello Roland.
– It’s going ?
– Uh … it’s going to the farm otherwise ?
– …×3r38W0Z

— Super-channel-surfer (@superzappeur) July 3, 2017

#ADP2017 usually we see them prepare their house I hope that we will not see Roland prepare its zigounette. …

— Cezoju (@cezoju64) July 3, 2017

It is going to make zigounettes party, Roland !

— Tweets Bashing ™️ (@TweetsBashing) July 3, 2017Karine Le Marchand

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