Love to Sleep? Here’s How to Find a Perfect Mattress

Health 14 April, 2018

Everyone loves a good night’s sleep. We feel refreshed, alert and motivated to face anything the world has to throw at us. But what actually happens in the night that it has such an impact on our wellbeing?

When we are in a state of rest, the muscles relax, the heart rate slows down and the blood pressure drops. Also the body’s energy requirements drop by about ten present. More importantly, the brain has the chance to organize all of the things that happened during the day and arrange them onto memories.

The overall benefit of quality sleep can immediately be seen on the skin, our moods and during the winter because we are less likely to get sick due to a stronger immune system. And lastly, catching quality ZZZ’s leads to a longer life.

And what is one of the major things other than stress, bad bedtime routines and too much TV, to mention a few, that affects the quality of our sleep? The surface upon which we sleep. Let’s take a look at some steps to make sure you find the perfect mattress.

Information is key

Now, buying a mattress may sound straightforward, and to a certain extent it is getting easier thanks to the significant changes in the industry, but still, you need to be aware of certain things.

First, information does not only relate to the type of mattress but also to the person sleeping on it. Know yourself and the market. An excellent place to start is

Age of your current mattress and was it the right one for you

It is safe to assume that you know what you like sleeping on. All that remains is to find out whether your mattress is too old. The following should give you a general idea of the different types of sleeping surfaces and when to dispose of them.

Now that you have decided you need to get a new mattress, the question comes to mind – what type of mattress do I need and what is your budget.

Let’s start with the budget. The most expensive does not always mean the best. But don’t skimp either. Remember, this is a long-term investment. Depending on the size and your budget, go for something in the range of $500 to $1,500.

Caspar – one type fits all – If you decide to shop online and discover the brand Caspar, you may be convinced that one type of mattress suits all. According to this pure-play online store, everybody moves around a lot, making various mattress types obsolete. They claim, molding to the shape of the body, comfort, and the temperature is what matters the most. And they have over a million happy customers to back up that claim. Regarding price and convenience, this is an excellent option.

Memory foam – Caspar also uses this anti-allergic option. This type of mattress is particularly good for side-sleepers. However, due to the material with body-molding properties, heat gets stored very quickly. This attribute might be uncomfortable for some of you. However, Caspar claims to have solved this problem.

Latex – this one has good cooling and anti-allergic properties, and good bounce. Good for back sleepers. This one generally has a firm surface.

Traditional pocket-spring comes in soft, medium and hard. These are often rather expensive but are also optically pleasing. For traditionalists, this has always been the right choice because it caters to all types of sleepers. But if you are allergic, this one, due to the natural materials, might not be the one for you.

There are other types of mattresses out there like air and coil, but the three mentioned in the article are the most popular. Remember, it is essential to find what’s right for you.