Luc Langevin, The Illusionists, Eric Antoine: why they carton

Entertainment 30 December, 2016

Illusionists, magicians … They blow a mystery of wind and light on our Whiners. The new anti-stress? Abracadabra

To give back its place to the imaginary when everyday sticks to reality. This is the mission, almost divine, featuring Luc Langevin, a thirty-three-year-old Canadian illusionist. The former student of physical sciences endeavors to prove to his public “how much our perceptions can be deceived”. Since the shows of Houdini and others until Illusionists – on tour until March 5 throughout France – through the shows of David Copperfield , in the years ninety, the magic had Of ceasing to bewitch the crowds.
In Paris, about fifteen shows dedicated to this art are on display at the moment. Being a good magician is not just a mere knowledge of the “famous secrets” that the latter occurs in small cabarets or on international stages. For Alain Poussard, philosopher and magician, “this represents only 5% of the work, the quality of a trick is played mainly in the art of manipulating, touching, finding the rhythm to create the illusion. “At a time when fact checking (systematic verification of facts set) is king, the art of magical deception could be threatened. But Luc Langevin, the illusionist, and Alain Poussard, the philosopher, agree that the viewer comes precisely to “be amazed in direct, to be confronted with the magic phenomenon”.
We can now on the Internet, discover the tricks that explain the famous towers … As a general rule, “the spectators will not seek the answer. But if they discover it, they are disappointed not to be medusized any more, “assures Alain Poussard. Luc Langevin can also testify his feelings towards an audience that wants to dream. “Last year, I played my show in Paris in a very harsh aftermath. But the people were there with that profound desire for escape linked to the power of magic, “remarked the Canadian artist. Even if the magicians were not spared by the decline in attendance in 2016, the French continue to plebiscite to 61% representations that allow to “feel emotions or live something exceptional,” reveals a study Harris Interactive published last October. Until become an antistress. Yes. Simply because a quality spectacle allows to forget a sometimes dull daily. But also because the relaxing effect would also hold to this “short moment between the extreme vigilance of the viewer and the moment when he admits being caught surprised by a well-executed trick”, analyzes the theoretician. A kind of letting go saving in a society in permanent control.
If the mysteries of magic move crowds from seven to seventy-seven, humor is the new secret boot of the new-age conjurer. Kamel The Magician (Boutayeb its name to the city), thirty-six, was formed in the art of illusion alone in the street. After years of pacing the streets of Paris with his “street magic” (street magic realized without nets), this jovial and talented artist has become a major figure of television shows. With over one lap in the pockets of his jeans, he amazed all the guests of the Grand Journal de Canal +, from Justin Timberlake to Jennifer Lopez via Daniel Radcliffe , the famous sorcerer’s apprentice. The troupe The Illusionists presents a new generation: seven experts recruited around the world and each claiming an extraordinary specialty. If there are as many tricks as magicians, the public systematically divides them into two categories: those who want to believe and those who want to understand. Some allow themselves to be carried away by the temptation of wonder, while others seek to explain at all costs what their perception does not allow to see. Despite these differences, the desire to relive child emotions remains the same for all. Just an illusion …