Lucifer Season 2: Episode 11, when the return to the series?

Cinema 2 December, 2016

When will return our dear Lucifer? Discover immediately release date of episode 11 of season 2 of the TV show that promises to be intense!

lucifer-saison-2-lucifer-roi-des-enfers-episodeSeason 2 of Lucifer got us nice surprises . The mother of our King of Hell landed in Los Angeles and we wonder if his father will do the same in the rest of the episodes? Because Charlotte is desperate to leave Earth, even to kill or imprison Chloe, you think she could contact her husband and thus do not leave the choice to Lucifer. Of course, our hero would have more than one trick up his sleeve. Anyway, episode 11 of season 2 of Lucifer, whose promotional video was released , looks bleak and a new drama to come. What’s going to happen ? We are eager to know the … However, when he will be released? Discover immediately the date of return of the Winter Premiere Season 2 of Lucifer!
The episode 11 of season 2 of Lucifer will we eyeful. Entitled “Stewardess Interruptus” , a new drama should happen to Chloe, but which one? Charlotte is she behind all this? To find out, it will wait until Monday, January 16 to hear the rest of this story that we can tell, sends heavy. Lucifer will surely be in a tizzy now that he realized he had feelings toward his partner. Moreover, will they finally end in a couple , if Chloe is better, in season 2 of Lucifer? This is what we look forward to but with the writers, everything is possible … Meanwhile the return of Season 2 of Lucifer, come test your knowledge on the series! What do you expect from the Winter Premiere?