Lucifer season 2: Episode 12, our critic, SPOILER was poisoned

Cinema 25 January, 2017

The episode 12 of season 2 of Lucifer was broadcast last night on the FOX and it was crazy! Discover immediately our criticism of “Love Handles” and the video promo of the episode 13 which promises to be an explosive Season Finale!
Last night, in episode 12 of season 2 of Lucifer, we were wondering if Chloe would eventually Lucifer couple . They struggled to find their place and to explain their budding relationship during “Love Handles” . This episode offered us strong emotions as well as a touch of humor specific to the series. In addition, the ongoing investigation is one of the most challenging that Chloe and Lucifer ever experienced. This episode was very successful and this is the time to discover our critique of “Love Handles .”. There was only one episode left before the Season Finale and as much as the screenwriters bet. Between shock revelations, love, betrayal and humor, this mixture was just exciting and we loved it from beginning to end. Chloe and Lucifer had trouble managing their nascent feelings and especially, they did not know how to react with each other. The King of Hell was convinced that the detective had succumbed to his charm because it was under his control, but not … For her part, Chloe did not understand why Lucifer did not want to sleep with her. She was pretty frustrated. Added to this episode 12 of season 2 of Lucifer complicated investigation where our detectives played with their lives .. .
A masked man poisoned students and decided to give them a remedy if a third party self-mutilated to save her. Suffice to say that “Love Handles” was quite disturbing and criminal who happens to be a scientist was primarily a psychopath. Unfortunately, Chloe trying to save the students, has drawn the ire of the criminal and in the final seconds of the episode, we discovered that she too was poisoned in this season 2 of Lucifer . She blew her nose and did not want to stop. It was Lucifer, who at the base came to meet her to confront her on a subject, who discovered this tragedy. Yes, on the way home, the King of Hell was very risen since her mother and Maze have told him that Chloe was a creation of God and that it was a “miracle child” . So Lucifer realized that their respective feelings may not have been real, and that had annihilated him, who had just touched happiness …
However, discovering Chloe in this state, his anger was soon down again and helplessness took hold . How is he going to save his partner? Well the Season Final of season 2 of Lucifer, which will be broadcast next week will bring us some answers and to say that it looks explosive! Lucifer will return to Hell to try to save Chloe and recover the antidote. Will he believe his father? How will their reunion happen and especially, will Chloe be saved? Also, from what we can see in the video promo of the episode titled “A Good Day to Die” , Lucifer will take his brother Amenadiel because he hid the truth about Chloe. One thing is certain, that we are impatient to see it. We give you appointment next Monday but in the meantime, discover if you are unbeatable on Season 2 of Lucifer! And you, what did you think of the episode?