Lucifer Season 2: Episode 13 Tonight, Lucifer returns to Hell!

Cinema 30 January, 2017

Tonight, episode 13 of season 2 of Lucifer will air on the FOX. Our hero will go back to Hell to try to save Chloe’s life … Will he succeed?
The last one .. . This evening, the Season Finale of season 2 of Lucifer will be broadcast on the FOX and it promises to put us in full view. Expect to experience thrills. If last week’s episode 12 of season 2 of Lucifer, Chloe was poisoned tonight in “A Good Day to Die” Lucifer will do everything in its power to save the one he loves. .. even to return to Hell . This Season Finale looks very promising and we hope that Lucifer will finally confront his father! If all goes well, this character so much feared by Lucifer and his family should land in the series. Watch out for sparks … Moreover, Chloe partner will manage the new revelations of his mother. Chloe is a miracle child that was created by God.
The promotional video of episode 13 of season 2 of Lucifer us already has full sight and we are confident this Season Finale will live up to our expectations. For this second chapter ends with a flourish, we would like Lucifer reveals its true face to Chloe , as he did with Linda. Moreover, will the King of the Underworld admit to the one he loves the secrets concerning it? “A Good Day to Die” to be really explosive and full of revelations. Anyway, in this episode, Chloe is really between life and death . All the characters will be present at her side to support her. Can she actually die? We do not believe but in the meantime the distribution of the Season Finale, discover if you are unbeatable on Season 2 of Lucifer . What do you expect from this episode?