Lucifer Season 2: Episode 9, the promo video, Charlotte will go after Chloe in “Homewrecker”

Cinema 15 November, 2016

After the broadcast of episode 8 of season 2 of Lucifer, the promo of the episode 9 video output. So it’s time to discover it. What does our “Homewrecker”? Look !
Tonight episode 8 of season 2 of Lucifer, which we revealed you the synopsis and promotional photos , aired on FOX. Suffice to say it was colorful and that our King of Hell was not out of surprises. He was panicked since his brother’s body was dug up and the murder weapon, the blade of Azrael, was stolen . Besides, Chloe investigated a crime and Lucifer soon realized that the two cases were related. If he managed to recover the blade of Azrael that comes straight from Hell, we wonder what will happen in episode 9 of season 2 of Lucifer? Will it be used against Amenadiel and his mother, who want only one thing, back in Heaven? To find out, immediately discover the promo video for “Homewrecker” !
As unveils the promo video of episode 9 of season 2 of Lucifer , “Homewrecker” looks intense! The mother of Lucifer will finally unveil its true nature and will do everything to trap his son to move away from Los Angeles. She wants to return to Paradise and take him away from Earth and for that she is desperate to succeed, even to attack Chloe . Fortunately, Maze is on the side of our King of Hell and will prevent it. Will he believe? Chloe will again be in danger because of her partner! Charlotte will she succeed to hurt? To find out, go next week to discover this ninth episode but in the meantime, see if Lucifer unveil its true face to Chloe in Season 2 of the TV show ! What do you think of this promo video?