Lucifer season 3: 3 things you want to see in the sequel!

Cinema 23 June, 2017

Lucifer’s season 2 ended in apotheosis but with big questions for his fans. Here are three things we want to see in season 3 of the TV show!
The Season Final of Lucifer’s Season 2, of which here is our critic , left us speechless. Has Lucifer returned to Hell? Where is he in the last minutes of the show and especially, how did he recover his wings? If this episode was really intense, he left us a few unanswered questions. Moreover, throughout this season 2, Lucifer and Chloe have come closer to get away better. What will be the nature of their relationship in Lucifer’s Season 3? One thing is for sure, we are eager to discover the rest of the series but until the comeback, discover the 3 things we absolutely want to see in the next episodes!
1. The couple Chloe / Lucifer
The series focuses on the relationship between Chloe and Lucifer. Both characters play cat and mouse games since Lucifer’s season 1 . If in the second, they have come closer and revealed their respective feelings, the writers did not consider it good to put them together. They love each other, it shows, but it is never the right timing. Will Season 3 be placed under the sign of love between Lucifer and Chloe? We hope but nothing is safe!
2. The Return of Lucifer’s Mother
Lucifer’s mother landed in the show and as much as we did not know if we had to hate her or adore her. Well in the course of the episodes, his character has touched us and we must admit, his black humor will miss us. She disappeared into another world but we are convinced that it was not really farewell. Especially since Lucifer was forcibly taken to a very mysterious place. So will Lucifer’s mother return in season 3 of the show? Fingers crossed!
3. A meeting between Lucifer and his father
Let’s finish with an intrigue that all fans have been waiting for since the series was created. A confrontation between the King of Hell and his father . This character is often quoted in episodes, but our hero has never had the meeting that we all expect. If episode 16 almost failed to meet our expectations, it was ultimately a false hope. Then Lucifer will be able to reveal all that he has on his heart to his father. Did the latter give him back his wings? The answer will be given only at the beginning of the school year, but in the meantime, discover the first details about Lucifer’s season 3! And what are you waiting for?