Lucifer: Will the series be renewed for a season 3?

Cinema 8 February, 2017

While Lucifer’s season 2 is paused, we wonder what will be the future of the series. Will it be renewed for a season 3? Let’s hope so !

Last week, episode 13 of season 2 Lucifer was broadcast on FOX . Lucifer returned to Hell to try to save Chloe’s life, something he managed to do. However, at the end of this episode, our King of Hell fled to get away from the woman he loves. Do their couple have a future in Lucifer’s season 2? Besides, we are asking ourselves a big question. Will this second chapter of Lucifer be the last or will the series be renewed for a third season? Fox expects to make his announcement ? In any case, the future of the series is not guaranteed and it frightens us!

Will Lucifer have a season 3? This is what all fans of the series are hoping for and we too! Unfortunately, nothing is safe with the series and this year is the hecatomb. All our favorite shows end and Lucifer may follow the same example as FOX has not commissioned a third season. Will Tom Ellis also bid farewell? Fortunately, TV Line hopeful and believe that Lucifer will likely be renewed but if we take the scheme last year, the chain had already renewed the series in the middle of Season 1 . In addition, 9 additional episodes were ordered. What is she waiting for to do the same and if she does, how many episodes will she contain? The doubt hangs and we would like to be reassured. Pending a likely confirmation or not, discover at what point will return 2B Lucifer season! And you what do you think ?