Lucy Hale hacked: Stolen pictures of her stripped on the web

Entertainment 23 December, 2016

The actress threatens to crack down.
Lucy Hale ends the year on display. One that embodies Aria Montgomery in the series Pretty Little Liars is in full judicial arm of iron with a site that has published selfies her topless , posing in bed Shots that are reminiscent of those of actress Jennifer Lawrence who had made his phone hacker , and that the star intends to withdraw from the site.
According to the always knowledgeable information TMZ , the actress and singer of 27 years has an army of lawyers on the spot. The latter sent a threatening letter to the website Celeb Jihad , which published two photos of her naked. Lucy Hale said the photos in question were intended for a friend and that her phone had been pirated.
At present, the affected site has not done enough and the young woman, who frequent the musician Anthony Kalabretta past year and a half, has released a message on social networks to denounce such practices.
” I did not intend to comment on something as ridiculous, but since 2017, it is expected that I speak … I will do. Again, one is violated Woman in public place, she is stripped to expose her private life and her body to the eyes of the world.I will not apologize to live my life and have a personal life, which looks only me.This is unfortunate That we can be exposed in this way.Thank you all for your messages of support, it reminds me every day a little more all the love that surrounds me And to the person who did this: fuck ” , she wrote on her Twitter page.