Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars): Pictures of her naked leakent on the Web, she reacts!

Entertainment 23 December, 2016

Lucy Hale is the latest victim of hackers. Moreover, after facing the leak of her very private photos, the young woman decided to speak for the first time!
If the date of return of the last episodes of Pretty Little Liars series was finally unveiled to the delight of fans, they were also shocked by the recent events. Because, Lucy Hale was the latest victim of a malicious hacker who has not hesitated to reveal pictures of her naked on the web. Worse, it is on a pornographic site that they were mailed . Snapshots obtained by hacking into his mobile phone, on which Lucy Hale appears topless exposing her breast. But determined not to let it go, the one that plays the role of Aria in the hit show of the chain Freeform turned to his lawyer, Marty Singer as revealed by TMZ . The latter then addressed a threatening letter to the site in question asking him to remove the photos. In his message, the lawyer explains that the actress has rights clichés claiming they were originally intended for a friend and not to the public. But facing the bad buzz, the young woman had no choice but to speak on Twitter.
Visibly lift by the situation, Lucy Hale spoke on the social network . “Well, I was not expecting to comment on something as ridiculous but throughout 2017 I do not generaI me to say what I think … I will speak” She has Started by saying. Before adding, disappointed: “Again, a woman was raped, robbed and his private and his body were exposed to the sight of all I will not apologize to live my life and have a life. It’s really unfortunate that being exposed in this way is allowed. ” But faced with this setback, the actress Pretty Little Liars thanked his fans for their messages of support : “Thanks for the nice touches that I received It was a nice way to remember who I am. Surrounded by so much love, I love you very much. ” And he concluded with a scathing: “! And the one who did it … Fuck you” That is what it says. Decidedly, the stars have not finished being at the center of all the attentions at the end of the year. The proof with Blac Chyna completely drunk, she would hit Rob Kardashian before their break. How do you find the answer of Lucy Hale?