Lung Cancer : a non-smoker-warning of the risks

Health 21 August, 2017


Published the 21.08.2017 at 13h33


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“When you have cancer, it will not necessarily be from the outside.” On the 12th of August last, Vicky Veness, a British 30-year-old from Cheltenham, a town located 150 km to the west of London, has posted a picture of her, smiling, on his account Facebook. But the message that accompanies it is not lightweight. “It can be upsetting to read,” warns she.

It is said that this photo of a beautiful young woman, smiling, was taken a few hours before an appointment with his doctor, during which she learned that she was ” suffering from cancer of the lung, stage IV “. Is a cancer that has spread to other organs, a metastasized cancer.


The cancer taken for asthma

Vicky Veness is required, however a lifestyle impeccable, leaving nothing to suspect the existence of such a disease. She is thin, athletic – she’s even done his job, becoming a personal trainer –, runs regularly and eats healthy. She does not smoke either.

For the past 18 months, she is still suffering respiratory symptoms that her doctors have “swept” by associating them with asthma. For a year and a half, her cancer was thus able to expand without being controlled, until it reaches a stage that is difficult to treat, and with a prognosis highly unfavorable.

“The symptoms may be subtle and not make it feel that way occasionally,” she says. The moral of this story is the following : if you feel uncomfortable for any reason, no matter how much you think you pass for an idiot, go see your doctor, ask all the questions that you pass through the head, and go there until you get the answers you need “.