M Pokora couple with Caroline Receiver, his agent answers

Entertainment 16 November, 2016

Thunderclap people on the planet. Since his break with Valentin Lucas, Caroline Receveur have found love in the arms of M Pokora. Contacted by the site Télé Loisirs , the agent of the singer was keen to put the record straight.

caroline-receveur-m-pokoraNovember 11, Caroline Receveur sadly announced his break with Valentin Lucas, his companion for 4 years . ” Valentine and I have been fighting for nearly a year, sometimes together, sometimes separately, to e so that this story continues again and again (…) Unfortunately, we came to the conclusion that, although we we liked a lot, our paths were now separate , “she explained on Instagram.
Soon, a first torque rumor pointed the tip of his nose. This Tuesday, November 15, Aurélie Van Daelen, columnist Mad Mag on NRJ 12, Live said that the beautiful blonde fricotait with M Pokora : ” She would have a crush on him when he made his performance in Dancing with the Stars ago two weeks. they met again at the restaurant with Tal and her ex, in Nolita , here in Paris. the next night, they went out in the evening. and that’s Caroline’s birthday they actually came out together ” .
Our colleagues Site Télé Loisirs therefore decided to contact Thierry Said, the agent of the singer, to learn more. Not surprisingly, the latter denied this: ” If everyone is listening, it has 500 different brides each year ,” said he responded with humor. The question is whether the candidate of Dancing with the Stars and the successor of Claude François react in turn.