M Pokora is leaving “The Voice” but is already planning his return: “This is a goodbye” – Gala

Entertainment 21 August, 2017

The Voice

Back for one last season of The Voice Kids on Saturday, August 19, M Pokora, who has just left his seat as jury in The Voice, says in the columns of Tv Star that he could return to the show one day…

Friday, June 23, last, after weeks of rumors, M Pokora has officially announced his departure from the jury of The Voice and The Voice Kids, except the season is already registered available from 19 August on TF1. “Tout was agreed from the start, was it justified on Instagram, My long tour ending in the end of the year preventing me to participate in the filming of the upcoming season … 2018 will be a year away from TV for me to concentrate on my future projects… “

The singer has not said its last word. Interviewed by Tv Star, he came back on the reasons of this departure, which would not seem to be only a pause : “I had expected that 2018 would be a year without tv for me, for me to focus on the following. I took a lot of pleasure during these three seasons of The Voice. Besides, this is only a goodbye “, he said, repeating what he had already written in June on under the post Instagram. M Pokora ensures that it could even take up his chair one day, “of course !”

He was said to be angry with some members of the jury and is not well integrated in the team is confident. With a win in each season, M Pokora leaves behind him an impressive record. About the departures of other coaches, it is not pronounced. “As far as I know, it’s only me who leaves the show. […] All I can say is that to be a coach, he should have had already left, some experience, and be generous to share with talent. “Christophe Maé, Maître Gims, Vianney… a Lot of names are circulating but nothing is sure yet.

M Pokora

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