M Pokora offended by the words of Mike Horn ? “What is said in the interview is fake” – Gala

Entertainment 10 January, 2018


In an interview granted to the Parisian, the adventurer MIke Horn has blasted the behavior of Matt Pokora during the filming of in the wild in Sri Lanka.

The floor to the defence. After the revelations of Mike Horn about the attitude of Matt Pokora during the recording of in A wild state, the star has responded by offering clarifications. On his Twitter account, the singer is back on the start of the controversy in attempting to extinguish the fire and to defend its position.

“I’m not afraid to tell people what no one dares tell them. When Matt I yelled at them, I answer him : You are who ? This is not because you have won Dancing with the stars that I have respect for you. I like to support people who have worked hard to get where they are, but I’m not your fan. You have millions of followers on Instagram, but here it is you, my follower. You can’t fire me, because your life depends on me. If I leave, you crèves ” stated Mike Horn to our confreres of Paris. The singer was quickly obliged to defend its position.

“Everything is going well with Mike Horn. Since yesterday I reported a bunch of bullshit. What is said in the interview is fake, he never told me that. I shook once as you saw in my episode because I ronchonnais force to climb. Nothing more and nothing less , “said Matt Pokora on Twitter. Then he shared another preview of her episode in the state sauvagedans which Mike Horn and praise his behaviour and his ” progress “.

Ah, otherwise, the truth is that he said it during the adventure… But it is probably too positive to make headlines with 😉 … in short, good evening! pic.twitter.com/WeTHxm8C7l

— Matt Pokora (@MPokora) January 9, 2018


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