M Pokora put in his place by the director of Victoires de la musique

Entertainment 20 January, 2017

Disappointed not to be named to the Victories of the music, M Pokora had relativized, pretexting that it was too popular and sold too many albums to be selected. The Director General of the ceremony was told yesterday in Telestar.
Small focus. On January 11, M Pokora was offended at not being named to the Victoires de la Musique . Contacted by Téléstar , CEO of the ceremony was told yesterday. He patiently re-explained the selection process.
According to the artist, it is precisely because he is too successful that he is not selected! “I sell too many albums. (…) When you are too popular, you can not be named , “he dropped on the plateau of Touche not to my post, the day after the announcement of the appointments.
False, according to the director of the Victories of the music Gilles Désangles. “It’s just that there are not enough voters who considered the album of M Pokora was sufficiently remarkable to select” , he explained. The nominees are nominated by the vote of 600 professionals of the world of the music: 200 artists, 200 producers and 200 record stores and technicians. ” We do not rely on objective results such as sales figures ,” says Gilles Désangles. The subjective choice is assumed: one proposes thus another view on the current musicality. ” The 300,000 copies sold by M Pokora for his last album My way do not guarantee him a nomination. Displease by the singer who gave Claude François to date, voters preferred her Renaud, Benjamin Biolay, Claudio Capeo or Amir.