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Entertainment 17 August, 2017


Fifty years after falling in love, Macha Méril and Michel Legrand met and decided to unite for good. But before that, the actress wanted to make sure they are compatible on all plans. In his autobiography, the output of which is scheduled for 30 August next, she tells about her first night of love with the man of her life.

It is a great love story that unites Macha Méril and Michel Legrand. They met in 1964 and have the lightning strike one to the other immediately. “I was 24 years old, Michel 32. We had a lightning strike is fantastic, but nothing happened. He was married with two children, including a baby. I was on the point of getting married with someone whom I was not sufficiently in love “, remembered Macha Méril in an interview for The Morning. It is 50 years later that the two soul-sisters find themselves and live their love fully. At 73 and 82 years of age, the fire of their romance continues, and they decide to spend their lives together, on all the plans that involves love. For the actress, her sexuality should not be taboo.

In his autobiography, which comes out on the 30th of August next, Macha Méril tells of their first night of love, an extract obtained by Here Paris. “Michel was less frightened than me. I removed my night gown and under the sheets, trembling but resolute. The fate of our relationship was going to play out in these moments… as Soon as I felt his body against mine, my fears vanished. Our two skins are liked, wanted and found a way to marry to take us far, very far, in weightlessness in the constellations of stars… Our desire has been more rapid than we are. We threw our love to the figure, leaving us stunned, victorious and confident , “she wrote. Conquered, the two lovers say yes to the September 16, 2014 in Monaco and then to the orthodox cathedral St. Alexander Nevsky in Paris.


Macha Méril, Michel Legrand

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