Maddox and Pax Jolie-Pitt: Two solidarity fellows facing the divorce of parents

Entertainment 4 January, 2017

The two eldest members of the family are starting to distance themselves from the behind-the-scenes tangle between their famous adoptive parents.
January 3, Angelina Jolie came home with her six children to winter holidays spent in a ski resort in Colorado. A first real public appearance in family for the American star who sent a strong message to the passage: Brad Pitt has spent New Year alone and without children.
Just back in Los Angeles, the two eldest siblings, Maddox (15 years) and Pax (12 years), escaped to go it alone. The two teenagers got isolated and joined friends at a Studio City restaurant, while Angie came home with the other four toddlers. Solid and very close, the two boys start to distance themselves from their parents’ divorce. Constrained to discretion and radio silence for weeks to come, they now want to take the air more freely and not necessarily undergo the pressure of a heavy divorce.
This echoes the grievances spoken by the Brad clan in recent days. According to her lawyers, Angelina Jolie unpacked in the public square details that were to remain private. A dirty linen washed in front of everyone that has infuriated the actor of the Allies , which argued that such behavior was detrimental to the welfare of children and even their safety. Angelina received the message and even approved it. On the other hand, if the actress and director promises to limit the leaks on her side, she does not intend to let loose on her requirements. Indeed, she claims exclusive custody of the six children.