Madonna banned from an American radio because of Donald Trump

Entertainment 28 January, 2017

After her anti-Trump speech at the Women’s March, Madonna has just been banned from a radio in the United States. We tell you more!
While some artists like Drake still get records on the charts , others attract the wrath of the media. This is particularly the case of Madonna, who made a lot of noise at the Women’s March with her anti-Trump speech. After publicly insulting the new president of the United States in the women’s event which attracted over 3 million people in the US, the queen of pop has not only friends … Radio Texan HITS 105fm has indeed not appreciated the comments of the singer and decided to banish his entire discography of his station . This is not the first time Madonna has faced this kind of situation during her career, but this time was too much for American radio.
“Banning all Madonna’s songs on HITS 105 is not a matter of politics, it’s a matter of patriotism. It just seems bad to play Madonna’s songs and pay her royalties when the artist has posted of opinions contrary to America. If all stations taking example on us, it would send a powerful message to economic Madonna ” , said General Director of radio . Did Madonna override the rules by going against Trump’s policy? Will the star be striped of all the radio waves in the next few days in the United States? The future will tell … To stay in the subject, we suggest you listen to ten girl power songs for the Women’s March to just “Express Yourself” by Madonna. What do you think of the radio’s decision?