Madonna publicly clashee by his son Rocco after his embarrassing challenge model

Entertainment 28 November, 2016

Saturday, on his Instagram account, Madonna released a video of its own challenge model. His son Rocco, who was not present for the stage, reacted mercilessly.

madonna-rocco-ritchieFor nearly a year now that the bad blood between Madonna and her eldest son, Rocco Ritchie. The 16 year old was trapped amid domestic battle between his father, Guy Ritchie to his mother. And he quickly indicated that living with Madonna did not suit him. Disputes, fugues, insults, everything was good to get what he wanted. And he succeeded: in recent weeks, he lives in London , to his father. After a call to order from the court which had asked the couple to please be mature to preserve their offspring, they had observed some improvements between mother and son. It was brief.
Surfing as always on the latest trends , Madonna released Saturday Instagram a video where she takes the stage with his two youngest children, Mercy and David, aged 10 and 11, in the dummy challenge at table . The short clip would probably relatively unnoticed past if Madonna had chosen a pose more sober, that is to say, for example, without food dripping from his mouth. A failure that has not escaped Rocco mercilessly visibly disgusted. Among the comments written in the margins of the video, one of Rocco unequivocally: “Happy not to live here now.” Are a-t- he had yet another spat in private or Madonna-she just made sure to avoid another snag with his son, it is certain that the challenge model has been removed from these few sweet words.