Maeve Coucke is justified after the controversy over his sentence, “mane of the lioness” during the election of Miss France in 2018 : “it is a compliment” – Gala

Entertainment 18 December, 2017


The election of Miss France 2018 is unfortunately tinged with controversy. A sentence of Maeve Coucke about the “mane of the lioness” by Alicia Aylies is not passed.

Maeve Coucke does not allow a controversy to spoil the beginning of his reign as a Miss France 2018. During the election, Saturday, December 16, the young woman had pronounced a sentence that had not been the taste of the public. “If I have to give you reasons to vote for me tonight, I would say my sympathy, my caring, my determination, and then after a Miss France blonde, a brunette and a mane of lioness, why not a redhead ? “, she had said to motivate the viewers to vote for it.

Only here, for many of them, the term ” mane of the lioness “does not pass. On social networks, the controversy has grown rapidly. Some people have not hesitated to call the young miss of ” racist “, blaming him for his choice of words, which are, according to them, far from being a compliment. Slammed on Twitter, the main stakeholder was required to quickly respond to its critics.

At the microphone of our colleagues from Télé-Loisirs, she says : “It was a compliment “, she says, before clarifying : “it Is said often for the hair large. There was nothing wrong really in this expression. It has well-taken. It is a pity that this will be misunderstood. “This declaration will it be enough to silence his critics ? Not sure. On Twitter, the most vocal of them accused him always this output, in particular by using the hashtag #NotMyMissFrance. Gilles Verdez, in fact : it even goes so far as to wonder if the CSA should not remove her crown to Maeve Coucke…

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