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Entertainment 19 January, 2018


Maeva Coucke loves his twin sister Alizée and his mother Brigitte. However, for his father, it is a whole other story. Miss France 2018 has entrusted to our confreres Here be “angry” with him and no longer have any contact.

On the 16th of December last, Maeva Coucke was sacred to Miss France 2018. The pretty redhead with the transitions from the interviews, and official releases to the sides of Sylvie Tellier. Difficult for her to make time for her boyfriend, who had recently confided to grasp somewhat this year of reign. Complicated also enjoy a few moments of complicity with her mother and her twin sister Alizée including the miss is very close. About his father, however, is another story. Maeva Coucke has never hidden the relationship very tense between her and her dad. The magazine Tv Star, a beauty queen confided, just after having been elected Miss France: “My parents divorced when I was 13 years old. I am no longer in contact with my father […] It was there, in the hall on the night of the election, but I was not even aware that it was coming ! ”

And unfortunately, since the coronation of the young woman, the relations do not seem to be much improved. “I don’t have contact with him. He communicates with my mother and my big sister, but my twin sister and I are angry with him. Miss France or not, it will not change anything. I am very long memory for old mistakes ! has entrusted the beautiful to our confreres Here. The childhood of Maeva Coucke has, however, been happy, even if the young woman remembers that the order reigned in the house and that he was not to do wrong. “He was military, so we were raised in fairly strict. Let’s say that we tried not to do anything stupid ! “Rigor in daily life that has no doubt helped the young woman to win the coveted title of Miss France.

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Maeve Coucke

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