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Entertainment 19 December, 2017

Miss France

Saturday 16 December, the life of Maeve Coucke has shifted. For the best. Elected Miss France in 2018, the beautiful has also had the right to a beautiful surprise from her father with whom she had contact…

23 years old, Maeve Coucke became Miss France 2018 – the third Miss Nord-Pas-De-Calais in four years to be crowned. Live on TF1 this Saturday, December 16, the pretty redhead as the winner of the famous election. Acclaimed by the public, the young woman could not hold back his tears. Like her mother Bridget, who in the scenes, could not contain his emotion : “It is the most beautiful Christmas gift you could make me”, she declared to her daughter as reported by Tv Star.

And if during the ceremony, Maeve Coucke could count on the support of her mother and her older sister, Victoria, the young woman regretted the absence of his twin sister Alizée, who could not be at his side to because of work, but also that of his father…

Indeed, as shown Télé Star, the parents of Maeve Coucke are separated for several years : “My parents divorced when I was 13 years old,” explained the new ambassador of the beauty of the France. And between her father and her relations are not in good shape : “I have no more contact “, she added. So far, it seems that his father has attended his coronation, in the shadows : “He was there in the hall on the night of the election, but I was not even aware that it was coming ! I don’t know why. I prefer not to say more. “

Photo credits : Sipa Press

Maeve Coucke

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