Making the voices in Disney is nevertheless the class

Cinema 20 February, 2017

Lindsay Lohan has applied to be the voice of the little mermaid, by passion and eventually by interest. For your voice can remain decades.
Attention, it’s work! It is not simply a question of pointing behind a microphone, reading its text in a hurry and booming, you can trace two hours later to take the aperitif. The intonations, the rhythm, the deep or perched voice … Everything must correspond to the character, give it life . What actress Lindsay Lohan wants requires talent and hard work. If ever his spontaneous application (on social networks) is retained to play Ariel, the little siren, she can draw inspiration from these actors, who are still associated with the personages incarnated.
Walt Disney = Mickey Mouse
What’s more logical than starting with the boss? For twenty years, the creator of Disney was also the voice of Mickey . You know, the high one. Afterwards, he no longer had the time, and his voice (of smoker) began to derail to really stick to the character.
——- 1 ——-
Adriana Caselotti = Snow White
An 18-year-old Italian girl, who had an extraordinary voice, worked by her father who wanted to make her an opera singer. Despite the fact that no one knew him, Walt Disney had not credited him with the credits of the movie “Snow White and the Dwarf Sets” so that nobody knew who was making the votes . Otherwise, it would break all the magic, according to him. After about ten years, he agreed to credit them and take the “risk”.
——- 2 ——-
Eleanor Audley = Cinderella’s mother-in-law and Maleficent
And yes, you also need bad guys. In this case, here are the bad guys. The actress was already known to the general public, thanks to her roles in TV series , before interpreting the mother-in-law in “Cinderella” or the evil jealous in “Sleeping Beauty”. Better (or worse, it is according to): it also served as physical model for the characters.
——- 3 ——-
Sterling Holloway = Winny the Pooh, Kaa, Mr Stork, the Cat
Additional motivation for Lindsay Lohan, if necessary. When you give satisfaction, the studio does not forget you. If he loves your voice, he will call again to you. Known to be the voice of Uncle Oscar in “The Adventures of Superman” on TV , Sterling Holloway then lent his stamp to Winny the Pooh, the Kaa Snake in “The Book of the Jungle”, Mr. Stork in ” Dumbo “or the Cheshire cat in” Alice in Wonderland “.
——- 4 ——-
Robin Williams = the genius
Released in 1992, Aladdin marked a historic moment in the animated films. This was the record of entries that year, in the United States , exceeding $ 200M in revenue, far ahead of “Mom I missed the plane” and “Batman Returns”. And obviously, Robin Williams’ voice sat perfectly on the playful, whimsical, quasi bi-polar character of genius. For a great result.
——- 5 ——-
Jeremy Irons = Scar
You still have it in mind, eh? The grave, deep, evil voice of Uncle Scar in The Lion King. That bastard! To believe he has the trick to make fripper and menace Jeremy Irons , since he also shone on the screen in the role of Simon Gruber in “A day in hell”.
——- 6 ——-
Jodi Benson = Barby and Ariel
Among the many incarnated voices for Disney, many remember her in Thumbelina Barby in “Toy Story”. But also and especially of Ariel, the little siren, in the film of 1989 . More than a voice, she is a talented actress also rewarded at the theater. Obviously, there are other voices that have marked us. What would you add?