Malaise, these actors who were cut to the editing to totally disappear from the film

Cinema 12 January, 2017

The directors are sometimes ruthless …

Choosing is eliminating. A maxim that takes on its full meaning when, after months of filming, a director must lock himself in the editing room and build his film. With rush hour on the tapes, the man is forced to cuss in here and there and sacrifice scenes or downright actors . It is the case of all the unfortunates who are under there.
Jena Malone
When Jena Malone, best known for her taf on “Hunger Games” was announced at the cast of “Batman VS Superman” , most fans believed guessed that it would interpret Barbara Gordon. For the uninitiated, Barbara is the daughter of Commissioner Gordon, but also the one that hides behind the costume of BatGirl then Oracle (from the moment she finds herself in a wheelchair). So, we hoped to have a clear heart when the blockbuster DC released on March 23. But Zack Snyder decided otherwise by zapling his scenes from the final editing. To see the young actress in action, it was not until the release of the long version. And surprise, surprise, Jena are not embodied Barbara Gordon, but Jenet Klyburn, a scientist of STAR Labs . In other words, a character less downright important in the DC universe, but one should still find in the next films of the franchise. Wait and see.
Tobey Maguire
“It is too known” . This is the reason the director Ang Lee to release Tobey Maguire for “Life of Pi” . The spider-man played there a journalist who interviews Pi in adulthood. It was eventually replaced by the English Rafe Spall, which the general public knows much less. What we understand here is that the real ‘, Oscar winner in 2013 thanks to this film, did not want the attention focuses only on the mega-star Tobey Maguire and his frankly accessory role, to the detriment the artistic quality of the project . Well seen.
Uma Thurman
Who knows, p’têtre with Uma Thurman, “Savages” would have been much less annoying and would have saved some criticism. It would have been much longer and this is primarily why director Oliver Stone has chosen to cut the mounting killer “Kill Bill” , as he told Movieline : “We had to take decisions when writing the script during installation, we had to consolidate all because there are many differences between the film and the book ” . Thurman interpreted in several scenes the mother of Blake Lively, the totally stone and mega-sexual blonde. And apparently the dogs are not cats since Darone was also voracious in this area: “! She fucks eight different husbands It’s a shame to miss it through, there were really what to do with Uma” , lamented Subsequently Blake Lively.
Michelle Monaghan
You surely know his head, a little less his blaze. Michelle Monaghan is still looking for the role that will blow her up in Hollywood. Meanwhile, the girl collects some bad surprises and cut to the assembly. She has been ousted from “Infidel” in 2002, “Syriana” in 2005, the same year in “Constantine” . As mentioned in the last film, a very dark adaptation of a DC Comics, Michelle was casted for a role : that of Ellie, a demon half human, which John Constantine (Keanu Reeves) falls in love. Finally, all her scenes will disappear, except one where she appears furtively. Ugly.
Shailene Woodley
In anticipation of the third episode, “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” was to introduce smoothly the character of Mary Jane Watson, the new Spidey after crush Gwen Stacy. And to embody the redhead, the casteurs wanted to trust Shailene Woodley, star of the franchise “Divergent” . A choice that does not necessarily enchanted fan boys, who thought the actress “not sexy enough” for the role. Is this what motivated the director Marc Webb to remove it from the final editing? Nobody really knows today . Rest at the time, Shailene very badly cashed the blow: “. For a few hours, I wondered if I had been so bad as it Why did they cut me What will people think?” Has she confessed to Vanity Fair before playing philosopher .. “I woke up the next day and it made sense I’m a pretty spiritual person I thought, ‘OK, things always happen for a good because ‘even though my ego does not like it ” .
Jessica Chastain & Rachel Weisz
One would devote an entire article to Terrence Malick, whose reputation for “chopper” in the editing room is known throughout Hollywood. This does not prevent all players rush to the guillotine for rotation therewith, despite the risks . Rachel Weisz has learned to its cost in “To the Wonder” , but not hold it against the director: “I did it for the experience of working with him, but you never know with Terrence Malick. you can run for three months and not be in the film ” . Same with Jessica Chastain, who foresaw the blow of mallet before the release of the film: “I think I had to stay there three days I played with Ben Affleck but I know nothing neither on film nor. my character. And you know, I think I would not ” . A good intuition, as she will be cute as Barry Pepper, Michael Sheen and Amanda Peet. Without pity the Malik.
Sienna miller
After playing the wife of Bradley Cooper in “American Sniper” , Sienna Miller was party to play the grieving wives in another biopic: “Black Mass” (or “Strictly Criminal” ? VF, kessek this as shit), the The story of the gangster Whitey Bulger with Johnny Depp in the lead role. It has to be said that the project has undergone a lot of casting, until the director himself (originally approached, Barry Levinson finally gave way to Scott Cooper): Guy Pearce was almost replaced by Benedict Cumberbatch while Johnny Depp had withdrawn from the project for a while before coming back. In short, a big brothel in the middle of which Sienna Miller did not survive. Her character has been removed for mounting “narrative choices” while the own admission of the director, Sienna was “exceptional” . But before that it would pass by the wayside, the British actress had acknowledged in an interview with the Boston Globe , his meager contributions to feature film: “I have shot two weeks I did that a small appearance (…) I am not a leading role ” . Lucid.
Mickey Rourke
Who better to conclude this list as Terrence Malick and his masterpiece “The Red Line” ? A film that takes place on the Pacific front of the 2nd World War with among others Jim Caviezel, Sean Penn and John Cusack in the main roles. If I were to continue quoting the full cast, I would still need several lines. And even more so if I were to mention all the players back. He first there’s those that have been set aside before shooting as Gary Oldman and Viggo Mortensen . And then there are those whose scenes have been purely and simply cut off like the poor Mickey Rourke, who still maintains today that his role as sniper is one of his best performances. Bill Pullman and Lukas Haas suffered the same fate. But the most tragic story certainly respect Adrien Brody, who during the 6 months of filming thought was the hero of the film, before realizing that Terrence Malick had kept only a few of his lines to the assembly . “A public humiliation” for the actor who discovered the thing at the premiere of the film …