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Entertainment 24 October, 2017


In 2012, Mallaury Nataf, the actress in the series “honey and the bee ” announced that she was sleeping in the street and that she had lost custody of her three children. Since then, its news stories are rare, and are not very reassuring to read its loved ones that are entrusted to the Parisian.

In an interview to the Parisien , dated 20 October last, the actor François Rocquelin, who played the role of Aristide in the French series ” The honey and the bees ” was given disturbing news of Mallaury Nataf. With Gérard Pinteau, who plays the father of a family in the series aired on TF1 in the 90’s, they had entrusted to have found the actress in 2016, on a grid of the boulevard des Italiens in Paris. After a first exchange which had ended in a failure, the two men were returned a few days later see the young woman. She then stated that she was on the street by choice and that she did not need help. When questioned about her children, she did not wish to answer.

A few days earlier, invited on the set of Jean-Marc Morandini on CNEWS, the producer Jean-Luc Azoulay had been worried to have no news of the actress. Live in the show, he had proposed his help to the young woman.

The Parisian seems to now have a new, more reassuring of the former heroine of the ” Honey and bees “. According to an employee of the RATP, Mallaury Nataf would have been verbalized on the 1st of October last. The officer then admitted to having found it difficult to recognize the former actress : ” She was blonde, with a ponytail, seemed in good health and was dressed normally, like someone who comes home from work, that do not roll on gold but not as a SDF at the end of the roll. She ate a pasta salad. “This is by checking his identity card as agent of the RATP has been able to recognize Mallaury Nataf.

After his interview on CNEWS, Jean-Luc Azoulay has also got news of the former heroine of the ” Honey and bees “ : an employee of the FCA could have referred to the standard of the company AB productions. She would have said that Mallaury Nataf would have recently visited one of their branches. But the famous producer has taken has add, troubled : “other witnesses confirm to us that it is alive. It is both reassuring and worrisome, because it does not give sign of life to anyone. “

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