Mallika Sherawat: The Indian star violently assaulted with her boyfriend in Paris

Entertainment 17 November, 2016

Free assault or act carefully considered, the investigation starts just.

mallika-sherawat-photocall-de-la-soireActress and model Mallika Sherawat was the victim of a violent attack in Paris, Friday, November 11. Le Parisien said that at 9:40 p.m., while returning to his home street of the Faisanderie (16th arrondissement) with his lover, the Indian star was assaulted by three men. The newspaper’s site, they were attacked in the lobby of their building, where they were ” surprised by three men, their faces covered by scarves .” ” Without saying a word, they sprinkle their victims with tear gas before they strike blows ,” wrote Le Parisien , adding that the three attackers then fled while the two victims, “shocked and sounded ” called the police.
On the spot, the police discovered that the young woman was none other than Mallika Sherawat, real controversial star in India. 40 years old, Reema Lambha his real name, made history in his country. Born into a rich traditional and religious family of Haryana, she was educated according to patriarchal rules that confine women to domestic roles only. At age 17, she suffered a forced marriage to a man she will separate quickly. Publicly disgraced by his father and wanting to be an actress, she ran away to Mumbai to get castings. After several failures, she finally gets roles, including that of Murder (2004) movie oh particularly India being the first woman to kiss her partner in a movie or place in a bikini.
Breaking the rules and taboos, Mallika Sherawat became a feminist icon in India, where it is constantly discuss sensitive subjects such as infanticide of girls, rape meeting or the number of child brides ( like it), alleging a ” very hypocritical society, still dominated by men .”
Famous name in India and abroad, like its sister Sonam Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai , Mallika Sherawat could she suffered an unfortunate accident or a thoughtful act? Still, the actress immediately filed a complaint and that investigations are underway to backtrack three mysterious attackers.