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Entertainment 12 December, 2017


Johnny Hallyday buried, his wife Laeticia is now going to have to deal with the loneliness. Fortunately, the mother of 42-year-old is well surrounded. She can count on the unwavering support of a few friends, but also and especially on that of his paternal grandmother, Elyette Boudou, known as “Mamy rock” by the rocker.

Since the disappearance of her husband, Laeticia Hallyday is left alone to deal with the legacy of the famous rocker, but also the education of his two little daughters, Jade and Joy. It should be able to, nevertheless, rely on a handful of the faithful. His friend, the head of Hélène Darroze is one of his early support. Jean Reno, the sponsor of Jade should also respond to this. But it is especially on her paternal grandmother, Elyette Boudou, aka Mamy rock, the pretty mother of 42-year-old will be able to count. This little nickname, it is Johnny Hallyday, himself, who had the idea.

Since 2010 and the death of her husband, Henri, the grand-mother of Laeticia follows the family Hallyday almost everywhere. At the request of Laeticia, Elyette Boudou is regularly in travel, to his delight and that of his great grand-daughters, Jade and Joy. His retirement, it goes in the aircraft and the luxurious residences of the couple. Has Marnes-la-coquette in Paris or on the island of St Barts, she even has her own room.

A presence soft and comforting, which proved to be essential for Laeticia, when she learned of the illness of her husband. For months, Mamy rock has raised the morale of the troops. Today, despite the grief, there is no doubt that it will support Laeticia in this painful time and will be present and caring for Jade and Joy.

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