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Entertainment 18 December, 2017


A term used by Maëva Coucke to describe the hair of Alicia Aylies has shocked some viewers. Some, like the journalist Gilles Verdez, have criticized the new Miss France on the Canvas.

The controversy, it’s almost automatic. Shortly after his coronation, the very happy Maëva Coucke has missed a sentence that some people have found it unfortunate. Saturday evening, Miss France 2018 has attempted to make a comparison about Alicia Aylies as she paid homage to the young women who had preceded on the highest step of the contest.

“After a blonde, a brunette, a miss to the mane of a lioness… Why not a redhead ? “ she said at the microphone of Jean-Pierre Foucault. The reference to the color of the hair of Camille Cerf, Iris Mittenaere and Alicia Aylies not necessarily better to some viewers who were quick to express their discontent on social networks.

“Since slavery, the black woman is animalisée and compared to felines has, in particular, blasted an internet user, referring to the sentence describing the afro of Miss France 2017. “It would like you we tell you Poil de carotte… but Not ?” said another Twitto visibly annoyed and recalling with irony that a lioness has no mane “. Gilles Verdez, the columnist of a Button not to my post, as was his habit, took over the role of the bogeyman : “The new Miss France is thus the one who spoke of ‘mane of the lioness’. And if the CSA deprived it of its crown? “he launched on Twitter.

A few users have tried to defend the expression of Maeve Coucke. “The phrase ‘mane of the lioness’ is not used to set hair afros. It is also used to describe hair of white women with voluminous hair/curly, and it is an adjective mélioratif. You find racism everywhere, I’m sorry , “said a commentator of the evening. maybe Alicia Aylies will react to this expression to attempt to extinguish this small fire caused by Miss Nord-pas-de-Calais.

Photo credits : Laurent Vu/SIPA

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