Manuel Valls: 5 things you do not yet know him

Entertainment 6 December, 2016

Prime Minister Manuel Valls to unveil his candidacy for the presidential election at 18:30 in Evry. After the presidential waiver of François Hollande, the rumor of the announcement of the candidacy of Manuel Valls has only swelled in the media. Meanwhile his speech, here are five things you may not be aware of the current prime minister.
manuel-valls1 – Manuel Valls is not his birth name
His real name is a bit more complicated. Born in the clinic in La Ferroviaria in Horta, Barcelona district, its full name is Manuel Valls Galfetti Carlo. He was baptized because his father is a believer and practicing. In the book Jacques Hennen and Gilles Verdez , Manuel Valls, the secrets of destiny , published by Time of editions, we read that Manuel Valls is “a sickly baby. He cries a lot.”

2 – His uncle composed the anthem Barca and supports PSG
Each supporter will tell you that football is in the blood. The Valls family is no exception to the rule because it is a certain Manuel Valls who composed the anthem of the Camp Nou. Rest assured, this is not our Prime Minister but a cousin of his father and namesake, who is author of the hymn. Although Catalan, France, he did not hesitate to lend its support to the Paris Saint-Germain and regularly attends games in the rostrum of the Parc des Princes.

3 – He pulled his sister from the hell of drugs
In their book, Jacques and Gilles Hennen Verdez reveal that Manuel Valls “his sister out of the hell of drugs.” This phrase refers to one of the covers of the magazine VSD . In his own work, Clinging to life , Giovanna Valls tells this slice of life. “Manuel held my hand and said, ‘Do something.’ ” She then told the microphone of Europe 1 the involvement of his brother. ” My brother has closely followed my treatment and my therapy. He called my mother every morning and evening to see how I was.”

4 – vouvoyait his father
Also in the biography of Hennen and Verdez, we learn that the Prime Minister vouvoyait his father. Xavier Valls was a painter and his son vouvoyait while familiarly his mother Luisa. She explains: ” It is a tradition in the Catalan bourgeoisie of the generation of Xavier Le vouvoyait son Xavier and his parents proceeded with his own father…”

5 – The career of his wife sometimes goes before his
Anne Gravoin, the second wife of Manuel Valls, operating in a remote area of politics. Professional violinist, she is currently on tour with Pascal Obispo . Musician great demand, its obligations sometimes grows to miss key moments in the life of the Prime Minister. ” I have not seen his handover because I was with Hallyday ,” she said in particular that Manuel Valls became Interior Minister.