Manuel Valls, en route to his destiny, together with Anne Gravoin

Entertainment 6 December, 2016

This is a couple that the Prime Minister came to the town hall of Evry …
le-premier-ministre-manuel-valls-et-saThis Monday, December 5, 2016, Manuel Valls said he was ” running for President of the Republic ” since the town hall of Evry, the city where he was mayor for more than ten years. His wife, Anne Gravoin was obviously at his side.
It is together that the couple, married since July 2010 , arrived at the town hall. The famous violinist, who both play classical only from great singers like Johnny Hallyday , could not miss this important statement of one who shares his life. Francois Hollande having decided not to run (which could lead to a future formalization with Julie Gayet ), Manuel Valls decided him to get into the race for the less arduous. The presence of Anne Gravoin his side will obviously not too much as the fight seems difficult and unpredictable; we have seen with the dry elimination in the first round of Nicolas Sarkozy to the primary of the right and center.
To embark on this campaign, Manuel Valls will therefore resign as prime minister on Tuesday. In his speech, he paid tribute to the President, highlighting the ” heat of [his] feelings ” towards him.
As for the mission he is given, it is summed up in one word: collect. ” The primary that opens is a great way to recreate the unity “, has he said according to AFP, appealing ” to all the French who refuse the extreme right, who reject the social regression that Francois Fillon proposes “to participate in the primary organized by the Socialist Party on 22 and 29 January. ” I am running because France must pull its weight, in a world that has nothing to do with what he was: terrorist threats, global warming, adverse effects of globalization, weakening of Europe , swing to the right. I want an independent France, adamant about its values. ”
No word however on the underdog Emmanuel Macron which said last month in a training center of Bobigny. His wife Brigitte was of course at the forefront . The campaign is just beginning …