Manuela Lopez (Helen and boys) suffering from an incurable disease

Entertainment 21 November, 2016

She said more in a very touching message.
manuela-lopez-soiree-de-lancement-deManuela Lopez has done it a few months ago a terrible advertisement for his fans. On his Facebook account, it unveiled be suffering from a serious illness.
” I will entrust to me the first time to you, so that you finally know that I have not forgotten you but my life took a different turn since the death wanted to court me … I am suffering from a incurable disease since 2007 but stabilized for the moment … (to avoid other issues; acute cardiomyopathy genetic heart failure thus sudden death) , “has she revealed last May.
A shock announcement. But as then unveiled the actress of 44 years, she has no intention of being deterred account and instead take full advantage of life. ” Now that I’ve digested, I decided it would bear me, not vice versa !! LIVE … I have always been a bulimic of life, an epicurean with a big E … So, I want to enjoy every moment by my husband, my son and my beloved dogs, cats, horses … (…) Just say that I’m fine and my life took another direction from “she said.
Revealed in the series Untamed on TF1 , Manuela Lopez rose to stardom thanks to his role in the television series Adeline Helen and the boys she joined in 1993. Cousin of Cri-Cri d’amour (Sébastien Roch ), she starred in other hit shows like the Miracle of love , the Holiday of love and under the sun.