Marc Lavoine touched by cancer : after the death of Johnny Hallyday, he must face the death of his first wife, Denise Pascale – Gala

Entertainment 6 December, 2017


Marc Lavoine has lost his first wife, Denise Pascale. The actress, whom he had met at an audition for a soap opera in the early 1980s, died of cancer, according to Here Paris.

This Wednesday 6 December, the death at the age of 74-year-old Johnny Hallyday has hit France incredibly sad. The fans are upset. In this heavy race to the world of the show, the singer Marc Lavoine has had to cope with a second loss, another victim of cancer : his first wife Denise Pascale, the mother of his eldest son, as we learn Here in Paris on Wednesday. During her long illness, the artist was at his bedside in San Francisco, which also saw Simon. Very close to his ex-wife, who was his first love, Marc Lavoine is collapsed.

The couple met in the early 1980s, while Denise Pascale and the singer passed an audition to play in a soap opera. They have had a stroke of lightning. “I had arrived in advance, the partner of Denise was late. So we repeated our roles together. We had to play a scene of great tenderness, a romantic encounter… “, had remembered Marc Lavoine, according to Here Paris. The fiction joins reality : the two young actors are well-fallen in love with the city… even if they have been keyed to the cast of the soap opera. “We are comforted by going to take tea in a friend’s actress… We fell in love by accident… As we had a child by accident “, he continues. The couple married in 1982, before going their separate ways at the end of the decade.


Marc Lavoine

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