Marc-Olivier Fogiel, his Divan of return: “I will not receive presidentiable”

Entertainment 11 January, 2017

The animator returns with his cult show …
After two exciting seasons on France 3 , The Divan of Marc-Olivier Fogiel is about to make a comeback on our screens on 17 January. On this occasion, the host of RTL Soir and we put the world on RTL has agreed to answer questions from our colleagues and Crew .
Regarding the new issues of Divan that particular present unpublished portraits of Julien Clerc , Bernard Tapie , Luc Besson , Patrick Poivre d’Arvor , Teddy Riner , Bernard Kouchner or anny duperey to name a few, Marc-O (47 years old ) revealed: “There will be little change this year we are happy with the format of the show in the state during the season, we should incorporate a small sequence where guests will be faced with their libido.. .” Moreover, one thing is certain: no candidate in the 2017 presidential election will have his place on the now famous armchair. ” It’s my decision. If I had a guest, I should have all receive for reasons of equity. This would have given too political color to the issue ,” assured the father of Mila (5 years) and Lily (3 years) .
In any other field, Marc-Olivier Fogiel was invited to respond to the startling accusations of Jean-Marc Morandini who presented on 19 July in the course of a rather lunar press conference , as the instigator of A cabal against her. ” He did not press charges against me. However, I filed a complaint against him for defamation and invasion of privacy. For the rest, I wished to be involved in this story that is not mine , “he informed. He continued: ” Regardless of what the court considers to be criminally punishable, the casting methods of Jean-Marc Morandini remain a rather drab reality .”