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Entertainment 9 December, 2017


After having gone through several storms in his life family, Laeticia Hallyday is today a forty-something woman blossomed. Quietly but with great love, the young woman watches over her sister Margaux.

They don’t have the same dad, not the same color of hair and twenty years between them. Yet the bond that unites Laeticia Hallyday at Margaux Thibaut is the one of the sisters who admire and love, love, love. If the first is made in a name next to her husband Johnny, the other still prefers the shadows of anonymity. 21-year-old, the half-sister of Laeticia is a young girl in her time and who grows an account Instagram-worthy it-girls, the most followed.

This 9th of December, to pay homage to Madeleine de Johnny Hallyday, Margaux was there, at the side of his sister and his girls, Jade and Joy overwhelming. Laeticia to their sides, very emotional and worthy, comforted by Brigitte Macron.

Margaux is studying fashion at the prestigious Institute Marangoni in London. There, it can be frequented Pauline Ducruet, the daughter of Stephanie of Monaco, who has devoted three years of his dear studies. In support of its course, the half-sister of mrs. Hallyday keeps a blog is a very complete form of a mood board for future projects. But when she’s not working diligently as a stylist, Margaux Thibaut sharing on the social networks pictures of her outings with friends, vacations, shopping sessions, and sometimes of his reunion with the family.

If Laeticia has long held its close to the gap of the runaway media of her marriage, she now leaves Margaux fly of its own wings. Last July 14, the mother of Jade and Joy was so pleased to be able to find his sister during a few days of holidays in the South of France, and immortalize this moment. “I love you my sister,” said Laeticia while Margaux chose at the same time the English to say to him, “Love you sista”.

Love you Sista ❤️ @lhallyday #14Juillet #southoffrance #family #love

A post shared by Margaux (@margauxthibaut) on Jul 14, 2016 at 12:33pm PDT

Under its wide fringe brown, the young stylist is hiding a great tenderness, as Laeticia. Margaux is moved in front of the cuddling that her nieces to give to their mom, and at the end of July she was one of the first to wish a happy birthday to his “Joyouuu” that she loves so much, and then to its “Jadou”. With her big sister Laeticia, the girl also shares the taste for tattoos and fashion, of course. After Laura, Ilona and Emma, the lovely Margaux is the new recruit to follow the clan Hallyday !

I see ya 👀 #summer16

A post shared by Margaux (@margauxthibaut) on Aug 9, 2016 at 3:06am PDT

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