Mariah Carey: Her vandalized star, Jennifer Lopez avenged …

Entertainment 11 January, 2017

The vandal does not lack humor.
The tiles accumulate to Mariah Carey . After the fiasco of his missed concert ‘s Eve in Times Square, the singer of 47 years is again in turmoil. According to information from the site TMZ , his star on Hollywood Boulevard was vandalized, like that of the controversial outgoing President Donald Trump .
The star, that the diva was inaugurated two years ago , a small malignant had fun to add a question mark in blue ink at the end of his name. A reference barely veiled to the famous reflection that Mimi does not cease to swing when journalists speak to him of other singers that she does not appreciate. The interpreter of Infinity maintains for years a feud with the bomba latina Jennifer Lopez , it ensures not to know .
” I still do not know who it is” , if she has terminal repeat on TV shows where she is invited. The ex-wife of rapper Nick Cannon is in is also recently taken the pop star Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato. This return of stick is therefore not surprising.
According to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, the restoration of its star cost nearly $ 1500. A fee that must be borne by the person responsible for this package. The police of Los Angeles is already on the spot, it seems that a surfer boasted of his small feat on Instagram. When the viewing of video surveillance cameras is successful, the culprit will face a large fine for vandalism.