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Entertainment 8 August, 2017


Samuel Benchetrit is a great lover… The women who have crossed his life, he has not forgotten. Marie Trintignant, of course, but also the latest Anna Mouglalis. The new companion of Vanessa Paradis rendered a beautiful tribute to a year ago, in the pages of It. Confidences of a man who loves women.

There are only the women who have helped me to grow anyway. It is they who trained me. “As a writer and director, Samuel Benchetrit and love women as much as he speaks to her : with words borrowing from gentle, tender. In the columns of It, a year ago, on the occasion of an interview for the release of his book The night with my wife, he trusted on the women in his life. This book was about his love story with Marie Trintignant, the mother of his son Julius, now aged nineteen years.

Samuel Benchetrit has formalized its relationship with Vanessa Paradis, the 7th of August at the Locarno film festival, during the premiere of the movie Dog. Before this romance, the director and author has lived two stories of love kills, with Marie Trintignant, and then with Anna Mouglalis. He told Herof his meeting with ” Mary “, when he was ” twenty years : “It was a 17 December. I was a guy from the suburbs a bit lost, very shy, a little uneducated, but I yearned for things, to dream, to love, to poetry. […] It was very funny and, above all, she was very free. It is his freedom that defines it the best. “

He is not sparing of compliment to Anna Mouglalis : “With Anna, who is the mother of my little girl, we are still very connected, very good friends. Because I am willing to fight for that it goes well. […] Anna is an extraordinary woman. She also is very free, and has no judgment on the other. It has no warmth. She absolutely love. And she loves absolutely. At least, it’s that simple ! “. Words, borrowing an infinite gentleness.

Samuel Benchetrit has good relations with its former companions. “I would be unable to get reports of shit with my ex, it would make me crazy , “he admitted. He believes in love, a love which is transformed after a break-up. “People go, people come back. When it is a party, [Marie Trintignant, ED] I was very unhappy, this is normal, we had lived for eight years together. But I aspired to this that our love is transformed. And I know that it is quite possible. ”

Samuel Benchetrit, Marie Trintignant

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