Marina Kaye unveils On My Own, 3 reasons to validate the single of the big return

Entertainment 19 May, 2017

Marina Kaye is back with a new powerful single entitled “On My Own”, why it is absolutely not missed.
The question arises whether Nekfeu, who is very silent, is not preparing a new project . But the one we were not expecting to see so quickly was Marina Kaye. The young woman, who recently released a collaboration with Soprano on the title “My Everest” , returns with a song entitled “On My Own”, while her new album is expected to be released only next October . On Twitter, the young woman of 19 years has already shared the teaser of the clip and announces the color. A winning return for Marina, whose first album Fearless has seduced more than 230,000 people with its “Homeless” and “Freeze You Out”
For this new opus, the beautiful does not change register since she sings once again in English, the language in which she seems most comfortable. With his powerful voice, Sia has already trusted him to write him a piece, which promises for this new project, available in a few months. We validate 100% “On My Own” which uses the codes that made its success with a refrain that emphasizes its voice. We also validate the message, which speaks of a rupture and where the star learns to turn the page and to overcome this ordeal. Finally, we strongly recommend the world of Marina, which is one of the most talented French artists of the new generation and which comes back strong with this first very effective extract.