Marine Delterme confides on the beautiful idea found by her husband Florian Zeller

Entertainment 22 November, 2016

The actress reveals her new TV movie below …
marine-delterme-et-son-mari-florian-zellJudge Alice Nevers swapped her dress momentarily for the costume of a librarian. The actress Marine Delterme is indeed heroin telefilm The Dude’s grave next , which will be broadcast on France 3. It reveals Télé Poche genesis of this romantic fiction in which she co-starred with Pascal Elbe .
” To be honest, this is my husband [writer Florian Zeller] who, having seen the play by David Foenkinos, found that there was a fine idea. We bought the rights to the novel [best -seller the Swedish Katarina Mazetti] which it was adapted . ” A TV movie that is, in the words of TV magazine, a ” family affair “: ” That’s right, we did it together with my husband usually does not occur, but now it ‘s. kindly done for me. We shot close to home in Honfleur, where we have a house to film Normandy as we like. ”
That’s fifteen years that Marine Delterme is in a relationship with Florian Zeller. In Paris Match, she had confided to meet them there fifteen years ago: ” The magazine L’Officiel was asked to write my portrait he had just released his second novel and I was making a sculpture exhibition on. . face I remember he said, ‘If you like the show, call me Otherwise, it’s not worth it.!’ Luckily he liked and we did more left. Before him, life was a lot shoved me and I was in chaos. Florian transformed me and stabilized. It can give a sense of things . ” She is mom of two boys, Gabriel (18 years), born of his union with Jean-Philippe Ecoffey and Roman (8 years), the son that you had with Florian Zeller.
In the romantic comedy The Man of the grave next door , Marine Delterme plays a young widow who crosses in the cemetery, a farmer. Between them alchemy operates, but they both come universe radically different. The author adapted the book was inspired by his personal experience of farmer wife. The actress added in his interview to Tele Poche : “This is a story that combines both the farming community that I know well, since I was raised, and a love story between two people facing bereavement . “