Marion Bartoli and her weight loss a love affair ? “I was destroyed by a man” – Gala

Entertainment 9 January, 2018

Descent to the underworld

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Marion Bartoli is reborn. After his descent to the underworld, the ex-tennis champion seems to have taken the bull by the beast. In an interview granted to The Team, she took on her ex-boyfriend…

“It really was an asshole absolute. “In the columns of L’equipe on Tuesday, January 9, Marion Bartoli does not mince his words. The ex-tennis champion takes it to an ex-boyfriend, which she holds responsible for the beginning of his downfall. “I had a lot lost weight before the virus because of my ex who had made me live a life of hell, “she says. Because of my personality, I had accepted unacceptable things. I said to myself, ‘no, this is not serious, this is not serious’ and I was totally destroyed. I do not want to live it. It is true that I had lost a lot of weight, I was weak, and of an immune system very weak and I caught a thing in India that I had completed. I was extremely thin, even skinny, but I didn’t see it, ” says Marion Bartoli.

In 2016, the incredible weight loss of the tenniswoman 33 years worried. She explained then that it has contracted a virus slaying. “I have a virus that my body was fighting. This is the reason why it leaves me nothing to eat”, mentions for Paris Match who has won the Wimbledon tournament in 2013. Since that time, Marion Bartoli has taken the bull by the beast. In June 2017, on the court at Roland Garros, it appeared to be metamorphosed. The images of the young woman’s skeletal today seem far…

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Marion Bartoli

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