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Entertainment 20 December, 2017


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The year 2018 will be a turning point in the life of Marion Bartoli, who was hospitalized several times in recent months. The former champion of Wimbledon, has experienced serious health problems in 2016.

Today she is better. But the past two years have not been easy to manage for Marion Bartoli. In fact, the tennis champion has contracted a mysterious virus (no doubt a form of H1N1), which caused him to lose a lot of weight and caused many symptoms, such as vomiting. According to her, she would have been able to catch this disease during a trip in India, but nothing is certain… In any case, during the long weeks of hospitalization, Marion Bartoli has believed that she would never recover: “I didn’t know if I would even be alive the next morning “, she had also confided in an interview for The Times last July. Emaciated, and the face marked by sickness and fatigue, the tenniswoman was unrecognizable.

Very active on social networks, Marion Bartoli commented not not his healing, and his various hospitalizations. In order to reassure his fans. In parallel, and once out of the hospital, the former tennis champion has become sports commentator in specialty shows.

Cured, the tennis player aged 33 years ago today made his big return. The one who had put an end to his career in 2013 after his victory at Wimbledon has decided to come back on the professional circuit as soon as the month of march. A new challenge for her, after having lived “a nightmare” in the past twelve months.

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