Marion Bartoli talks about her ex-boyfriend who destroyed it : “I am part of running the day he asked me in marriage” – Gala

Entertainment 16 January, 2018

Marion Bartoli

Marion Bartoli has nudged the hell. The tennis player talks about her ex-boyfriend at the microphone of Léa Salamé on France inter this Tuesday, January 16. “He told me every day that I was fat, I was overweight,” recalls the champion.

Marion Bartoli will get better. The tennis champion who won Wimbledon in 2013, dates back to the slope after the downward spiral in which has been sucked-in by an ex-companion and a virus lightning – it announced his return in the competition. Guest of Léa Salamé this Tuesday, January 16, on France inter, the athletic 33-year-old spoke of this man, an ” ex-boyfriend pretty nasty with me in everyday life “, describes it, which destroyed it. “He told me every day that I was fat, that I was overweight. Each time we met a girl in the street that was much thinner, he said, ‘looks like she is thin, as it is beautiful, as it is big’ (…) I had completely lost confidence in myself, I even lost the desire to play tennis. Each time that we played tennis together, he was trying to beat me – then that I had won Wimbledon and that he was banker ! Once, twice, ten times, fifteen times, after a while, I told myself that in order for it to stop, it is necessary that I mincisse, it is necessary that I maigrisse, ” says Marion Bartoli, very moved. As I never do things by half, I set myself this goal. For these species of bullying, negative comments daily stop, I would have wanted to do it as quickly as possible”, continues the champion.

The tenniswoman then lived a hell. “I’ve lost a lot of weight, at the beginning of my diet I had to be between 72 and 75 kg, I’m down to 52 kg. It was already an extremely low weight for me, it was very difficult to take, ” says Marion Bartoli. Its weight loss rapid has been further aggravated by a trip to India, where she contracted a virus which has made her very ill : “I had 15 days of fever consecutive to 40 degrees. (…) Then, I couldn’t manage to feed me, I’m down to a weight of 41 kg after Roland Garros.”

The sport has, one day in October 2015, finally found the strength to put an end to this relationship is toxic, thanks to a trigger rather surprising : “This is the day when he asked me in marriage that I am a party in power and that I have ever reviewed ! “, she recalls. Now healed, the relationship will not left completely unscathed : “I’ve had for a long time psychological damage.”

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Marion Bartoli

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