Marion Cotillard, soon elected the worst actress of Hollywood?

Entertainment 11 January, 2017

The list of the famous American Razzie Awards ceremony which rewards the worst actors, screenwriters, directors and films of the year has published its nominations. No chance for Marion Cotillard, named twice in the category “worst actress of the year”.
It may be the worst actress of the year . Marion Cotillard is among the ten actresses nominated for Razzie Awards for their poor performance during the year 2016. The French actress has apparently not shone in Allied or in Assassin’s Creed . At least not in the eyes of the Golden Raspberry Awards .
So what happened to Marion Cotillard? This time, one has the however not mocked on a botched death scene like in Batman The Dak Knight Rises . She also played alongside two renowned actors Brad Pitt Allies , a spy film in which she plays a French resistance fighting the Nazis and Michael Fassbender in Assasin’s Creed , a feature-length science fiction .
No panic for those who won an Oscar in 2008 for her role in La Vie en Rose , Awards of the Razzies ceremony is primarily parody, no one has seen her career stop after winning the trophy in the shape of golden raspberry …
Created in 1981 by John JB Wilson, the ceremony takes the opposite of the mythical Oscars. Among the most bizarre appointments, remind Bruce, the shark from the movie The Jaws 4 elected worst actor in 1988 or George W. Bush and his goat in Fahrenheit 9/11 to the price of the worst screen couple in 2005.