Marion Cotillard takes revenge with a shot of Guillaume Canet with hot water bottles and slippers

Entertainment 5 January, 2017

War is declared between Guillaume Canet and Marion Cotillard. After the picture of Marion sleeping with her mouth open, published by monsieur, it is madame who takes revenge today. The proof in image.
Currently in promoting the film Rock’n Roll , the couple formed by Marion Cotillard and Canet Gillaume again shows his complicity. Yesterday, on Instagram, the actor published a picture of her lover, not too much to her advantage. During the journey that connects Paris to Lille, their little Marcel’s mother has stung her nose. Without waiting, Guillaume Canet immortalized the moment. Result: a photo of Marion Cotillard asleep, mouth open, accompanied by the caption: “Day 1 province tour! Arrival in Lille station of Marion Cotillard! Rock? Not Rock? “.
Today, Marion Cotillard decided to take her revenge. Still on Instagram, the actress has just published an image of her companion, also in an unusual posture: two hot bottles under the arm, glasses on the nose, and shoe slippers. “Bon bah there he sleeps yet but it is well prepared you see …” Track hashtags “The double bottle to Grandpa” and “Watch out for your little face my love I have worse in store.”
Here’s a small battle with pictures interposed far from what we entrusted the interpreter of La Vie en Rose in November. ” Incessantly We learn from each other … He made me a better person. The couple is one of the most beautiful and magical human experiences when you love each other with honesty and respect. “