Married at first glance: Nathalie Benoit and divorced for better love

Entertainment 29 November, 2016

This is an original epilogue!
nathalie-et-benoit-maries-au-premierIn Married at first sight on M6, Nathalie and Benoit were consistent at 87%. After getting married and be gone on their honeymoon, the couple moved in together. In the final episode of the program, aired November 28 on M6, lovers have revealed how they saw the future.
It was at that Benedict married life has started for them. Welcome his wife home, the groom has put the dishes in large and preparing a feast for decorating its interior. Delicate touches that were intended to Nathalie comfortable. And it worked. For several weeks they lived together and are autofilmés, cameramen no longer with them.
Through images revealed, it is clear that much complicity was born between Nathalie and Benoit, there is no doubt they are in love. But to everyone’s surprise, the lovers decide to divorce! An announcement that they explain the experts. We decided to stay together but divorced. ” It is preferred to reset the counters to zero. Start in a context in us. And like that, if you must marry, there will be no marriage half the people I do not know among the guests and I will pass not the wedding night on the couch , “said Benedict.
For them, the experience is so successful!