Married at first glance: Tiffany, “love”, confides!

Entertainment 24 November, 2016

The young woman who married Thomas reflects on his adventure …
dans-maries-au-premier-regard-m6-tiffFor three weeks, the program Married at first sight (M6) is much talked about. Its concept is simple: unite singles who do not know each relying on the analyzes of three experts. Beyond 70% compatibility rate, Catherine Solano, physician sexologist and andrologist, Pascal de Sutter, doctor of psychology, and Stéphane Edouard, family sociologist, offer to candidates to get married without them ever being met in advance.
Deemed compatible with 87%, and Tiffany Thomas agreed to pass the mayor. To our colleagues at Télé Loisirs , the young woman of 25 years back on his adventure and his relationship with “her husband”.
If desired Tiffany jump such a step is because for her, the experience was a ” springboard to try to build a relationship faster. ” So even if Thomas does not physically liked, she knew she would complete commitment. ” I have not stressed before, but I had a peak of anxiety when crossing the door. I felt that the time had stopped. I was surprised to see ” she says. A pleasant discovery for Tiffany ” was not disappointed because Thomas is beautiful .”
As unveils the candidate later in the meeting, among them, the current is passed straight away: ” I do not know how to explain three minutes after the wedding, we speak as if we had known super long. . Everything was very smooth … I did not feel to marry someone I did not know. ” A story that seems idyllic. But there a few days, thanks to the detailed survey previously conducted by Disney CoAnd the publication of photos (since withdrawn) Wedding on the official website and Facebook page of a specialized photographer, Anais Roguiez, we know that the candidate is in a relationship with Justin! Another participant should marry Valentine next week.
To preserve the suspense, Tiffany refuses to say what it is today. ” I had not obvious times. It is a powerful experience and when it descends on earth, it is difficult. But still, I only get that positive. If it again, I would do everything the same, without changing anything I have no regrets. “if she simply states, adding:” Today I’m in love! ” Whose ? answer next Monday!