Married at first glance: Tiffany Thomas, Justin Benedict … adventure in Review

Entertainment 29 November, 2016

What couples are still together?
valentine-et-justin-maries-au-premierThe concept of Married at first sight , uniting singles who do not know each relying on the analyzes of three experts. Beyond 70% compatibility rate, Catherine Solano, physician sexologist and andrologist, Pascal de Sutter, doctor of psychology, and Stéphane Edouard, family sociologist, offer to candidates to say yes, opposite the mayor, not only ever meeting beforehand.
Monday, November 28, 2016, M6 has unveiled the final episode of the program. So what happened to Thomas and Tiffany, and Nathalie Benoit, Valentine and Justin? Answer now!
It is stressed that Valentine arrived at her wedding. And discovering Justin, it did not help. Stressed, almost panicked, the young woman was unable to utter a word. Facing his distress, Justin then offered to talk face to face and tried to reassure her. A nice touch that did not help since Valentine finally refused to marry him .
The couple is compatible with 87% married. After leaving on their honeymoon, Nathalie moved in Benedict. And everything was wonderful. It is in love that they appeared face to experts the balance sheet date. However, to everyone’s surprise, they decided to divorce but to stay together! The couple explained indeed want to start from scratch and build a new two-story.
It is with happiness that they were married, but unfortunately it did not last them. Thomas was very anxious when moved from Tiffany. And after two days spent with him, he went home without ever recontact ! Thanks to the intervention of an expert, the young man finally resumed contact with his wife who gave him a second chance. Unfortunately, this resulted again in failure. So the couple divorced.
The duo had a compatibility rate of 82% but experts have not dared the present, believing that physical attraction between them would not be good. But as they both found themselves single, scientists have changed their minds. A good thing since it’s been six months that the couple is together and happy. They swim in happiness so that Justin asked Tiffany wedding! Offer she immediately accepted!
Next hearings, the last premium Married at first sight attracted 3.3 million viewers, or 13.8% of market share. A very good score.