Married at first sight, but paying the divorce cost?

Entertainment 23 November, 2016

The new issue of M6 Married at first sight , is controversial. The candidates, who have to get married while they have never met, were he able to separate as easily if things go wrong? The mayor of the show was recently told about it.

capture-ecran-m6-maries-au-premier-regardCandidates Married at first glance, the new issue of M6, must say “yes” without knowing … But the show never fails to controversy . Last question dated everyone arises: What if he passes do not want to spend their lives together? Can they divorce as easily as they have passed the ring finger? Fortunately, yes. In any case what recently confided in Téléstar the mayor of the town of Grans, Yves Vidal celebrates the show’s unions. ” Everything is legal, he guaranteed . They are really married, and if they want to divorce, they go to court. ”
But if the marriage does not last, as is likely for some of the couples, who then pays the divorce process? ” In the contract, it is noted that M6 is paying divorce ” has Yves Vidal revealed. It is fitting, given that it is the chain which finances the wedding ceremony … and that creates couples from scratch, based on the analyzes of three experts.
As for the mayor, the fact that both spouses have never met before saying ” yes ” does not seem to bother him too much. ” It’s been forty years that I do weddings and I apply the law , he told Telestar . I am a registrar, I’m not there to see if they like it or not . “that is clear.