Married at first sight, Tiffany: “I just crossed Thomas for divorce”

Entertainment 29 November, 2016

She told the whole truth …
Coup de theater Monday, November 28 in Married at first sight on M6. Thomas has abandoned his wife Tiffany and no longer gave it new. The 25-year childcare auxiliary young told our colleagues TVMag what exactly happened.

tiffany-et-thomas-maries-au-premierThe announcement of his departure was totally unexpected
That’s because she ” had nothing to lose ” the beautiful brunette has participated in the show. If today she does not regret his choice, Tiffany admits having experienced difficult times. After an idyllic wedding and a three-day honeymoon in Croatia, the charm of the meeting fainted. ” Gradually, we began to realize that we were not as compatible as that. We did not have much to say, there was a lot of silence between us as we had so many things to learn from each other , “she says. Then, as she points out, the cameras blocked them.
The rest we know. Very anxious to have moved Tiffany, he quickly packed his bags to go home and did not contact his wife. A reaction that the latter resented: ” The announcement of his departure was totally unexpected Let him go like that just hours after arriving home … I agreed to see him again a few days! later in Paris because I wanted to get involved to the end to make it work. But normally, I would have put a line under our history. ”
Tiffany has given a second chance to Thomas but did not able (or willing) to enter. ” He accused me several times not interested enough in him. By accepting the shooting picture, it was a way to show him I wanted to be interested in his passion. He thought I was complexed and I did not trust me, so I wanted to prove him wrong. But in the studio, it was a disaster. I was not comfortable and it did nothing for me comfortable , “she says. The couple then left the last time ” without saying goodbye .”
Since the end of the shoot, which took place several months ago, Tiffany has not had ” any news of him .” ” We just crossed to sign the divorce papers ,” she says.
Now engaged to Justin , the young woman no longer try to understand what happened and concluded: ” I do not know if he himself is able to say what happened. “