Marseille : the return of the bed bugs. Precautions to avoid the proliferation

Health 11 January, 2018


Published the 11.01.2018 at 13: 30


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According to our colleagues from France 3, if you ride in the streets of the neighbourhood of la Belle de Mai, in the 3rd arrondissement of Marseille, you need to carefully avoid mattresses and other bed frames lying around on the sidewalk. For several weeks, this area is infested with bed bugs.

The bed bug, the scourge

For nearly fifty years, we hear more about it. But recently, the bed bug has made a comeback in the cities.
This tiny insect, no bigger than an apple seed, is nestled in the mattress, the chairs or the wood furniture. This is the bed bug. Its habit : going out at night and we stitch, we human beings.
If the bed bug is not dangerous to humans, although some people develop allergies, it can make our lives a living hell.
Because it is very difficult to eradicate.

No mattresses on the sidewalk

Some people, exhausted of getting bitten every night, resigned after having tried – without success – different insecticides, decide to throw their mattress. And often, he finds himself in the street.
It is a mistake. When a mattress, a box spring or a piece of furniture placed on the sidewalk, there is a strong chance that the object in question is picked up by someone.
Bed bugs spread so in other apartments, other buildings. They will then move to districts in the areas… And are always more victims.

Use a pro

Although it is tiny, the bed bug is tough. It can even stay a year without any food (our blood) and remain hidden in our home.
Also, it is resistant to insecticides. Call up a professional is inevitable. Two interventions in fifteen days interval are required to get rid of the harmful.

In 2016, in France, of 180 000 sites that have been treated by professionals, according to the Chambre syndicale des industries disinfection and deratization.